The Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 SDK is available!

From now through to January many of you may be getting your hands on the new release, either through MSDN subscriptions, the trial versions or the retail availability.  I will try and give pointers as new stuff becomes available – starting here with the Project 2007 Software Development Kit –  . This has some […]

And now for something completely different…

My last post gave a few details of many of the new things; this post is concentrating of a big change in the way that Project Professional communicates with Project Server.  There was a hint of this with the queue and cache mentioned before so now for more detail. In the 2003 release Project Professional used OLEDB to talk […]

Topics for the next few weeks

As we approach the launch of Microsoft Office 2007 I will be covering a few different topics that fall into the following groups:- What’s New and Different Pain Points of 2003 (that go away) What else is new in Microsoft Office 2007 Predictions for 2007 The aim of my predictions for 2007 is to guess […]