Monitoring Tools for Project Server 2007

I’m just playing around with both the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 Management Pack for MOM 2005 and also the Microsoft Best Practices Analyzer for Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 and the 2007 Microsoft Office System.  Nothing much to report just yet, but I’d love to hear comments on how you are finding these tools.  The […]

Project Server 2007 with LDAP Authentication

  For customers that used Project Server 2003 and made use of the “ProjectServer” accounts (non-Windows authenticated) they have a few choices in Project Server 2007. The first consideration I suggest is “why were you using ProjectServer accounts?”. If the answer is that you don’t have Windows domains but use some other authentication method, and […]

Adding Timephased Actual Work through the PSI

There is some great content in the SDK on statusing (search for SubmitStatus and UpdateStatus) and even more coming soon.  One of the missing pieces just at the moment is around adding timephased data.  So here is a very brief example.  See the SDK for better examples of programmatically building the XML – but the […]