What makes a Good Repro when logging a support call

Sometime on a support call the customer will say “I have a great repro – just open this mpp file and things will crash!”.  Unfortunately this is a little like seeing an automobile wreck and trying to work out how the cars got where they did – and which direction they possibly came from.  The […]

Project Server 2007 – Common installation problems

These are probably repeats for many of you reading – but based on personal experience there are still some people that haven’t got these messages:- If you are going to run Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 on the same farm then ALL servers need both sets of bits loaded […]

My Queue is Still Stuck! – Troubleshooting Steps

As a follow up to my previous queue post these are the steps I follow when investigating queue issues:- Is the queue running? Check services and ULS/event log if for some reason it is not running at all – it could be a password change that means the Microsoft .Office.Project.Server.Queuing service isn’t starting Look for active […]

The Microsoft Office Support Blog

If you want to see a broader coverage of Microsoft Office support issues – along with some personal views of what working in support at Microsoft is really like then get along to the Microsoft Office Support Blog.  The scope of this blog in their own words:- “This blog is going to be used as […]