What makes a Good Repro when logging a support call

Sometime on a support call the customer will say “I have a great repro – just open this mpp file and things will crash!”.  Unfortunately this is a little like seeing an automobile wreck and trying to work out how the cars got where they did – and which direction they possibly came from.  The […]

Project Server 2007 – Common installation problems

These are probably repeats for many of you reading – but based on personal experience there are still some people that haven’t got these messages:- If you are going to run Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 on the same farm then ALL servers need both sets of bits loaded […]

My Queue is Still Stuck! – Troubleshooting Steps

As a follow up to my previous queue post these are the steps I follow when investigating queue issues:- Is the queue running? Check services and ULS/event log if for some reason it is not running at all – it could be a password change that means the Microsoft .Office.Project.Server.Queuing service isn’t starting Look for active […]