The Microsoft Office Support Blog

If you want to see a broader coverage of Microsoft Office support issues – along with some personal views of what working in support at Microsoft is really like then get along to the Microsoft Office Support Blog.  The scope of this blog in their own words:-

“This blog is going to be used as a way to bring people into the world of what it is like to do products support for Microsoft Office. We will utilize the blog in a myriad of different ways. You will see posts about technical problems we are working on with customers; get information about patch Tuesday’s and all of the Microsoft Office security bulletins; get a view of how the Product Support organization is organized; hear firsthand accounts from support engineers about what they do day to day; and find out how Product Support and Product Development work together. These are just a few topics that will be covered.

We hope that you enjoy this blog and come back to check on us regularly. Thank you.”

There is already some really useful stuff up there – on DST, deadlines for moving on from Beta 2 Technical Refresh and lots more!

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