My Queue is Still Stuck! – Troubleshooting Steps

As a follow up to my previous queue post these are the steps I follow when investigating queue issues:-

  • Is the queue running?
    • Check services and ULS/event log if for some reason it is not running at all – it could be a password change that means the Microsoft .Office.Project.Server.Queuing service isn’t starting
    • Look for active Active Cache category messages in the ULS logs – the category Project Server Active Cache Sav logs jobs writing data into the queue – this can help identify if a job that appears “stuck” is still actually doing some work.  Sometimes the % complete in the queue may not move for a while 
    • Use Task Manager on the Application Server to see if …Queuing.exe is busy – a queue service consuming most of the processor and lots of RAM may mean it is just very busy – or could point to a data issue.  Again the ULS logs will help identify the root of the problem
    • Add the “Success” to the job completion states to see when the last successful job was
  • Is it just one job that is not going through?
    • Look for the earliest non-successful appearance of this job in the queue and troubleshoot the first failure – you may need to change the Job History if this was a day or more ago
  • Is there a legitimate reason for the slow/stopped queue?
    • Any Failed and Blocking Correlation jobs? Troubleshoot these from the ULS logs
    • A Cube Build, Reporting Database rebuild or just a very busy server can all mean that jobs may sit around for a while
    • All of these potential delays should be evident from the Manage Queue screen – although a user may not be aware of this if they are just looking at their personal queue

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