SharePoint Configuration Step 8 of 9 is really slow all of a sudden!

We have been working on different SharePoint farm configurations recently and particularly those involving adding Microsoft Office SharePoint Server to a farm that already has Project Server loaded.  The penultimate step – 8 of 9 – was being really slow and we had reports of users canceling, starting again to try and solve this problem.  Then one of my colleagues said “That step is taking about an hour”.  Hmm – having read Chris Boyd’s recent posting on event registration not happening immediately because of the recent DST changes I suspected this process may also be affected by the issue documented in KB 932563.  A quick test setting the timezone to GMT and my colleague confirmed the whole process was now back to the 10 minutes or so!  So until next week be patient – or change your time zone as mentioned in the KB.

I’m just waiting for the Autumn (Fall) as the clocks go back the other way to see if it then finishes 10 minutes before you start!

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