Support options for Microsoft Office Project

I really welcome the great comments and contact I have from readers of my blog and I often take the issues you are hitting as topics for future blogs – but it isn’t possible for me to give you a good support service via my blog.  If it is an obvious problem with a one line answer I will try and steer you in the right direction – but for deeper issues this is just not possible. gives details of the various support offerings from Microsoft – including no cost options such as self support and the community help at  A tremendous part of the community are the newsgroups where many of our Project MVP’s are involved (fantastic job guys!) along with many of you – all helping each other.  Microsoft.Public.Project, Microsoft.Public.Project.Developer and Microsoft.Public.Project.Server are the ones to look for in your favourite news reader (or Windows Mail in Vista).  You can also browse to the following sites:-

Please do keep the comments and contact coming as it helps me understand what issues you are running into – but please also understand that I am not able to give detailed support though this channel.