You can’t change the task work breakdown structure (WBS) value from the PSI

In the dataset for the Project you have read/write access to Task_WBS.  Unfortunately this should be read-only and the documentation is being corrected.  (See community comment already posted at – and look out for the updated downloadable SDK next month).  This can appear to work and you can see any changes written to the dataset and even […]

Queue Etiquette: 4 items or less? Join the queue!

The queue is one of the new features that is taking some getting used to by our customers.  It is probably time for a fresh “queue problems” posting – that will be my next post, but the following came out of a discussion with Patrick Conlan yesterday.  The main job of the queue is to […]

So the percentage of what is complete?

I had a recent question concerning an apparent difference between the % complete showing on the Project Center view for a task/project and the % complete showing on My Tasks.  If you have more than one assignment and many tasks it can be difficult to reconcile the task status to the overall project.  But in […]

Just Released: Visual Studio Team Foundation Server – Project Server 2007 Connector

If you haven’t already seen the announcement on Christophe’s blog take a look at the new connector for Visual Studio TFS to Project Server 2007!  See for further details.   OVERVIEW The Visual Studio Team Foundation Server – Project Server 2007 Connector is designed to integrate the project management capabilities of TFS with Project […]