Yet another OLAP error message – the longest yet!

Just when I thought I’d seen nearly all of the error messages possible when building a cube along comes another one.  And the longest yet!  I won’t bore you all with the full error message but the key piece is:- Error=”Analysis Services session failed with the following error: Failed to process the Analysis Services database OLAPCube […]

Project Conference – What do you want to hear about Administration?

I have been asked to present a session at the Project Conference titled “Administration of an EPM Solution” and wanted to check that I would be addressing the right issues.  The session will cover administrative functions both in Windows SharePoint Services and Project Server.  The SharePoint 3.0 Central Administration features of Diagnostic Logging, Shared Services […]

When are server-side events supposed to fire?

We have had a few questions on events, and the fact that sometimes, or more correctly, in some circumstances, they don’t fire.  So if you are using the PSI to make things happen then all should work and usually the description gives you a good idea when they will fire.  However, you might also expect […]