When are server-side events supposed to fire?

We have had a few questions on events, and the fact that sometimes, or more correctly, in some circumstances, they don’t fire.  So if you are using the PSI to make things happen then all should work and usually the description gives you a good idea when they will fire.  However, you might also expect that doing a similar thing through Project Professional or Project Web Access will fire the same event.  In many cases this is true – a publish is a publish is a publish and wherever you publish a project from will fire the “publish” events.  However in saving from Project Professional after deleting some entity in the project you will not see the “EntitiesDeleted” event fire – that would get triggered by a PSI action doing the same thing.  Project Professional and PWA make use of the same PSI web services in many cases, but also have a private winproj web service  and pwa web service.  It is when using these “private” web services that event behavior may be different. 

Give us feedback if you are missing some events that as an ISV would make your integration to Project Server easier. 

The SDK should be going through another revision later this month and we will be updating the event area to give a little more information..

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