What do the Language Packs give you? Part 1: Project Server 2007

With this posting I am trying out some of the features of Windows Live Writer that I haven’t used yet – so we have pictures!

You can install language packs on Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 which will allow users to view the PWA pages, and also create Project Workspaces in selected languages.  This is similar to the Multi-Lingual User Interface in Project Server 2003 but because we are now using Unicode there are not the limitations with different code pages that we faced in the previous version.  As an example I have the following PWA site provisioned in English.  An you can see in the list of workspaces I have a workspace with a name in Japanese (in fact the Japanese word for “Japanese”).


A Japanese user could modify their IE settings (Internet Options, then the Languages button on the front page) to make Japanese the preferred language. 

Language Preference

Refreshing the page above would then give the following page, with the majority of the text in Japanese.  Certain elements stay in the language it was provisioned in – such as the tab title of Home, the web part names and the links to Shared Documents.  Also in this example I have a modified link to Timesheets which reads Timecard – so does not have a translation.


Once a language pack has been installed then a new PWA instance can be provisioned in the language of that pack – and the choice of languages is made on the Create PWA page.

PWA Provision

Likewise you can select the language for any Project Workspaces by updating the language on the Project Server Workspace Provisioning page.  The following is set for Arabic, but viewed in French.

Workspace Settings

Once a Project Workspace is provisioned it is only available in the language it is provisioned in – so for example the following is the Japanese workspace seen in the list on the first image.

PWA Ja Workspace

So as a final taster of the support for right to left languages here is a PWA site provisioned and viewed with the IE setting for Hebrew.


For part 2 of this series I will take a look at the client language packs for Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007.

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