Joining the translation bandwagon

I just saw Treb’s posting on the new Windows Live Translator service that was rolled out this week – so I too have added a link in my News column on the left hand side.  I hope this helps my readers who prefer to read their own language.  I’m guessing it will not make much […]

So where did all these GUIDs come from?

Project Server 2007 makes much more use of GUIDs to identify different entities than the previous version so I thought I’d do a quick post to explain what they are, why we use them and how you should use them.  GUIDs were originally a priestly class in ancient Celtic societies.  No sorry, that was Druids.  […]

LDAP Forms Authentication revisited

I’ve had a few comments on the configuration of Forms Authentication using LDAP and thought it worth raising some of these points in a new posting.   1.  LDAP forms authentication is only supported by Office Servers and not WSS The architecture for forms authentication is based on WSS 3.0 but the specific implementation described […]