Project Conference Day 1

I had a chance to meet plenty of old friends today – and also put faces to names I have known for a while.  It was good to meet all of you.  Several people asked about the PowerPoint presentation so I have attached it to this posting.  If I get time I may record several […]

Custom Fields and Lookup Tables

In Project Server 2007 the structure of the custom fields has changed and this is causing some confusion both for developers and for users.  This isn’t helped by our UI for creating and maintaining lookup tables.  In this posting I intend to give some background information about the structure – along with some of the […]

Backup and Restore – what are the options?

A while back I posted about the backup and restore process and recommended using the SharePoint utility in Central Administration.  That is still my preference and I recently used this to rebuild my server farm including 3 servers, 2 shared service providers and a dozen PWA instances covering about 10 different languages.  I must admit […]