Interesting Article on Project Programmability Blog – Issue and Risks web part timeout workaround

I missed this posting at the tail end of last month – so just calling it out in case some of you missed it too.  Scalable Issues and Risks Report!

If you have lots of workspaces then a behavior you may have seen is the timeout of your PWA homepage, caused by the query bringing back (or at least attempting to bring back) the list of active issues and risks for a user.  Patrick Conlan has posted a potential workaround for this which is very cool.  It uses the reporting database and the SQL Reporting Services web part to give a very elegant alternative to the existing web part.  This isn’t meant to be a replacement in all situations – and please note the caveat on the posting that this isn’t something that will have an migration/upgrade path to future products; should be fully tested in pre-production and will not be fully supported by Microsoft.

This suggested replacement really shows how the reporting database can be the best place to query for this kind of information.

The full article can be found here – also look at some of the recent great postings including details of developer training for Project Server 2007.

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