Project Server 2007 Users: Beware the Fabulous 40!

No, this isn’t some new group of super heroes or villains – but a set of templates you can load on SharePoint 3.0. See for full details.  But you should not load one of these templates if you already have Project Server 2007, as the Project Tracking Workspace solution included in the Fabulous 40 will overwrite the good Project Workspace template from Project Server.  When this happens the special features that don’t exist in the WSS version, like linking risks, issues, documents and deliverables to project tasks, get broken.  So if you have already done this then your new link page looks like this:-


when really it should look like this:-


Notice the missing Link Items option.  Your server may not have the Spelling option – this server also has Office SharePoint Server.  I would expect bad things to happen in plenty of other places too.

So how to fix it?  You can retract and delete the solution either using the UI of Central Administration or the stsadm command (see the readme that comes with the templates for removal instructions), and then you will need to run a repair of Project Server 2007 either from the setup.exe – or from the Change option in add/remove programs.  You will need to do this on all servers in your farm – and it may require a reboot, and you will need to run the configuration wizard to complete the process.

So for Project Server 2007 users it should be renamed “The Fabulous 39”!  Thanks to Noel and Shazeb for their work on this topic.  We also plan to get some sort of warning on the download page.

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