Latest Project Server 2007 SDK Update Now Available! Updated posting for December 07 Release


The December 2007 update to the SDK is now available

Project Developer Portal:


SDK Online:  Project 2007 SDK in MSDN online library:


SDK Download:

New and updated topics since July:


·         ERP Connector Solution Starter (20 topics)

·         How to: Customize E-Mail for Project Server Notifications  – this is an update of the project_programmability blog post.

·         Project XML Data Interchange Schema Reference includes the following topics:

·         New XML Elements

·         Custom Field Data in XML

·         Saving and Opening Projects in XML Format

·         How to: Use XSLT Transformations with Project XML Data Interchange Files

·         Project Data Interchange Elements includes reference topics for all of the schema sections, XML structure, and XML elements.


PSI Managed Code Reference:

·         Additional descriptions of row properties in the following datasets in the Project Server Interface (PSI): LookupTableDataSetLookupTableMultiLangDataSet, AlertSubscriptionInfoDataSet, ReminderSubscriptionInfoDataSet, QueueStatusDataSet, QueueStatusRequestDataSet, StatusingSettingsDataSet.

·         Additional descriptions for event receiver methods.



·         ERP Connector:   Complete sample source code and test application for the ERP Connector.

·         XML Schema:  Revised XML data interchange schema, mspdi_pj12.xsd.
Note: The Project XML schema is also now published on

·         ProjTool:   Now includes a dialog box for backup and restore of selected projects.

·         SP1 library assembly:   Redistribution license for the SP1 build of the Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Library.dll assembly, and 32- and 64-bit copies of the assembly.
Note:  The MSIL code of the assembly is the same in both cases, so the file size is the same. However, we provide both builds to be consistent with the Project 2007 SKUs and because there may be differences in the future.

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