Project Server Queue – When is an error not an error?

When it is a status message?

One of the challenges when interacting with an asynchronous queue is error handling.  In a connected application it is easy to interact with the user and tell them what went wrong – but if they have submitted a timesheet and something about it isn’t quite right then it is harder to return this information.  In the Manage Queue screen the problem will show as a failed job, and an error will display, but in many cases it isn’t really that anything broke – just that something about the timesheet wasn’t right.  You may experience this more using the PSI web services directly from a custom application than if you are using the normal timesheet interface, as we are aware of the various states and will not let you try and submit something that isn’t going to go through.  However, there could be timing issues that would even make our timesheet jobs fail – and generally this information will display with the timesheet..

If you are developing a timesheet application you should consider the best way to get this information back to the resource through your application – as they may not see their queue jobs if they don’t generally use PWA. 

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