Project Resource Kit for Project Server 2007 Released!

This is now available for download at  Just had an e-mail from Phil Smail with these details:

The Project Resource Kit for Project 2007 has released. It’s available for x86 and x64 and the tools are English only

The PRK consists of the following tools:

· Portfolio Analyzer Views Migration: Allows an administrator to bulk edit the location of an analysis server for multiple data analysis views.

· Project Server Settings Backup and Restore (Playbooks): Allows an administrator to backup Project Server settings and restore those settings to another Project Server.

· Project Server Data Populator: Allows an administrator to populate Project Server with projects, resources and other objects. Useful for helping capacity and performance testing.

· Project Workspace Site Relinker: Allows an administrator to relink the connection between Project Server and Project Workspace sites.

· View Effective Rights: Allows an administrator to query the Project Server to determine the effective permissions of users against projects or resources.

Full documentation will appear in the next couple of weeks but I’ll get early docs up on the Project blog either today or tomorrow


I’ll be finding time to play with these over the next few days – and see the settings backup and restore tool as a really useful one.  This may be something we use in support to get configuration details of your servers if we are investigating an issue that isn’t data related – so we don’t need the full database set – but need to know how you have configured your server.

Enjoy!  And let us know how you get on with these.

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