OLAP and Data Analysis – timeouts, plan guides and tempdb

UPDATE: Be sure to see the more recent post – http://blogs.msdn.com/brismith/archive/2008/03/24/slow-olap-cube-builds-and-large-tempdb-revisited.aspx   Some of this has been in previous postings or comments on postings – but thought it was time for a round-up.  As a quick intro this blog will look at more information on tempdb growth some of you may have experienced since Project Server […]

COMException on x64 platforms when automating the Project client via the Primary Interop Assembly (PIA)

***UPDATE*** Hotfix now available – http://blogs.msdn.com/brismith/archive/2008/11/18/now-fixed-comexception-on-x64-platforms-when-automating-office-clients-via-the-primary-interop-assembly-pia.aspx   You may see this error when using the CodePlex Test Data Population sample for creating project data using the WinProj tab, or just using your own code to automate winproj.exe (the Microsoft Office Project Professional 2007 client application).  It is only a problem with the object model interaction and not […]

Timesheet Classifications – what they don’t do

With the change in relationship between time tracking in timesheets, and the updating of status in tasks, that we introduced in Project Server 2007 there has been some confusion.  One area that after working on a case yesterday needs a little more explanation is timesheet classifications.  Where you create these in PWA it give the […]

Join the Project Server Developer Community

Apologies if you have already read this on the Programmability blog – but an excellent chance to share your development experiences with others – and hopefully learn some stuff too! Leveraging the development aspects of Project Server 2007 spans a wide range of skills.  PWA customizations (ASP.NET), workflow development, line of business applications integration using […]