Developer Webcast this week!

If you remember my blog about the Developer Community from a few weeks ago – and joined up, then you should have seen an invite to a Webcast this week.  I have been invited to talk about extending development from Project Server to Microsoft Office SharePoint Server.  The topics I am going to cover are:

  • The programmatic creation of list items in the WSS lists project uses, and the use of the Object Link Provider to expose these item in PWA
  • Finding your way around the parts of a SharePoint farm – such as identifying the Shared Service Providers in the farm
  • Using the Business Data Catalog as a way to get Project Server data exposed in other parts of SharePoint.

This final topic has been the most interesting to work on and is related to the work Christophe blogged about on searching Project data – but this time using Project data in SharePoint lists.  I will be showing how you could add a column to your SharePoint lists that shows Project names – and other related information.  Other uses of this might be to show Resource names, or the RBS as a Business Data column.  While I am on the topic of Christophe – he has been very busy lately and has some great postings on TechEd 2008, SQL Server 2008 and general performance improvement tips. And finally a very useful link to the Project Server 2007 hot fixes RSS feed