Project Server Developer Webcast Samples

Thanks to all of you who joined the Webcast today.  I have attached a zip with the PowerPoint and some samples that were presented. For those who couldn’t make it a brief summary so the samples make sense.

First I re-hashed an old sample showing creation of a list item and linking to a task (LoginDemoWithIssues).  I also covered the challenges you might run into in a multi language environment.  So here is an automatically created “Issue” linked to Task 1 in my Project.


As I have created the Object Link Provider entries this is also exposed in the Project Center view of the project (highlighted).


I then showed an example of getting the SSP context programmatically.  A better example can be found here.  Thanks Martin!  My lame example is in EnumerateItems.cs and requires reference to Microsoft.SharePoint and Microsoft.Office.Server.

The best bit (in my opinion) was around the Business Data Catalog.  Thanks for Christophe for the work he did on BDC search in his blog and posted at CodePlex– which guided me to get this done,  Here are a couple of screenshots with the addition of a Project “Data Column” to an appointment,


and the addition of a Business Data Catalog List and Item which are connected Web Parts and the adding of a data column to a WSS list (which shows extra related information – pulled in this case from the Project Server reporting database).  And all without code!


In the zip file is the XML used for the application definition.  Hopefully you can understand what you need to change to get this working for you. 

Thanks to Joyce too for the logistics – look out for the recording soon!