100 Posts Today!

According to my blog dashboard this is my 100th post!  So to celebrate I thought I would be totally self-indulgent (so nothing new there) and ignore Project and talk about something else.  It has been fun keeping the blog going and also great to have communication with so many of you – either through the blog (600+ comments, and rising) or on support cases or at the Project conference.  Keep the comments coming – and the answers too, as I will sometimes post questions I don’t have the answers for.

If you didn’t already know I am from the UK, but moved to the Seattle area about 5 1/2 years ago and live on the Snoqualmie Valley.  My journey to and from the office gives me the chance to see some of the great beauty that the Pacific North West has to offer – and even this time of year when it has been known to rain we still get great mountain views at some point on most days.  One of my other interests is photography – and in fact my first career was in the research labs formulating developers and fixers when photography was still “wet”.  I knew that wouldn’t last – so on to computers and digital!  I was recently very fortunate to visit Hawaii for the first time – so took lots of photos – but it is testament to the beauty of the local countryside that for my desktop wallpaper I have chosen recent local pictures I have taken over the Hawaiian paradise.


This first one is looking East from my house just before sunset.  The second one was last Friday evening – when a tree that will regularly have Bald Eagles perched in it had 7!  So back out with my camera to get some pictures – including this one of an immature bald eagle in flight.


I know we have other keen and very capable photographers in the Project community and Jack Dahlgren has posted some spectacular ones too http://zo-d.com/blog/archives/architecture/bay-bridge-at-sunrise.html.

So posting 101 will be back on topic, but I might just post the occasional photo too…