Project Server 2003 and Multilingual User Interface Packs

A rare Project Server 2003 posting from me to clarify some issue we see with customers applying the MUIs to Project Server 2003.

Firstly if you are interested in using MUIs then 2007 language packs address some of the issues that 2003 suffers from.  2007 is unicode and you can mix and match languages without the restrictions in 2003.  But if you must still use 2003…

Unlike the language packs for Project Server 2007 the MUI itself does not contain a Project Workspace template for the MUI language.  In KB articles we do say how this can be added by running WSSWIZ for the appropriate language – but then don’t give any details of where you might find this!  Add to this the fact that for any language the file has the same name it is not surprising customers get confused!

The WSSWIZ you need to run can be found on the native language CD of Project Server 2003 for the language you want to add.  The next problem is therefore that you are unlikely to have this CD.  For instance, if you are loading French MUI on the US English version you will have the US CD and the downloaded MUI – but you will not have the French CD!  I will let someone else jump in if the following appears to be a licensing issue – but from reading the public material my take on this is we intend people with MUI to also be able to use foreign language workspaces – but didn’t think through distribution of the WSSWIZ.  If you have an account manager then I would liaise with them to obtain the right media.  You could also find this on MSDN media – and I am not talking about using the full install – but just using the WSSWIZ stuff from the supportwsswiz directory.  You may also find this on your volume licensing media – but I have seen one issue with the French CD where onet.xml file was empty – so if you use MSVL and don’t appear to get the French template then check if you are hitting this issue.

On a very related issue another file used during MUI installation is INSDEFLP.sql which adds the language strings to the database.  Since SP2a we do actually install this file correctly – but you still need to be sure you are running the version for the right language.

From where this issue is fixed… 

You cannot update databases when you install Microsoft Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) on Project Server 2003
When you install Microsoft Multilingual User Interface Pack (MUI) on Project Server 2003, you receive a warning message that states that only the default database will be updated if the server contains more than one database. The message also states that the Insdeflp.sql file will have to be run against the other databases. However, the message does not indicate the location of the Insdeflp.sql file. The Insdeflp.sql file is never installed to the system. Therefore, you cannot run the script against the other Project Server databases.

You need to look in the directory with the appropriate LCID – such as C:Program FilesMicrosoft Office Project Server 2003SCRIPTS.SQL1036 for French.  Also remember that MUI has service packs to match the base product service packs.

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