Sorry – another non-Project post – but take a look at Popfly Game Creator!

Going Live in Alpha today is the new Game Creator stuff on Popfly.  Seriously cool!   There is a Video demo up at Soapbox too.

More information follows…

The Popfly family just got a little bigger

Popfly Game Creator | May 2nd 2008 | 12:01PM | 7lbs, 4oz | 20 inches | Proud Parents- The Popfly Team

Starting today, game creation is now officially accessible to everyone.  You don’t have to be a physics major or hard-core coder to create your own personalized game using the Popfly Game Creator.  In fact, you can create your first game in three easy steps through Popfly’s intuitive interface.

1. Select your actors:  Choose from nearly 400 pre-built actors in categories like people, vehicles, power-ups, and more.  Can’t find what you’re looking for? Import and create your own.


2. Set the scene:  Pick a background, select some sounds, and position your actors through a visual designer.


3. Bring your game to life:  This is where the magic happens.  Using Popfly, you can specify behaviors on your actors and scenes that define how they should interact. Use Popfly’s intuitive user interface to define events, set properties, and specify actions without writing a single line of code!  If you want more control, define a custom behavior in JavaScript.


Creating Games has never been easier.

To learn more and build your first game head over to