Project 2003 file formats that are blocked after you install Service Pack 3 and MS08-18

Quite a few customers have run into an issue since loading MS08-18 and the restriction on “legacy” file formats introduced in both this fix and SP3 for Project 2003 If you are not familiar with the issue then the following file formats are blocked, but can be “unblocked” by going to Options on the Tools menu in Project 2003, click the Security tab, and check the required option under Legacy Formats

By default, the following file formats are blocked in Project 2003 SP3:

Note By default, Microsoft Project 98 versions of .mpp files are blocked. However, Microsoft Project 2000 .mpp files, Microsoft Project 2002 .mpp files, and Microsoft Office Project 2003 .mpp files are not blocked.





Also blocked is HTML – but this was omitted from the KB (sorry).

The problem we gave our customers is that if you loaded MS08-18 and not SP3 then the UI is not in place in Project to make these changes.  You can however still follow the details in the KB article to change the settings in the registry – noting the warning in the KB about editing the registry!

Our recommendation is that if you cannot deploy SP3 to enable this interface for your users, that you deploy the registry key setting to enable these needed file types.  There are several methods for deploying a registry key including:

1. Use the Custom Maintenance Wizard to modify the installation to include this key.

2. Use SMS to deploy this key to the appropriate machines.

3. Use a logon script to deploy this key.

4. Use the Office Policy Templates to deploy this via a GPO.

We apologize for any confusion that was created by this not being documented in the KB Article that discusses this Security Patch.  We will be getting this changed to include HTML in this list so other customers do not run into this in the future.

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