Coming Soon – the first Office Cumulative Updates

***Update3*** Read on for general Cumulative Update information – but we now have the December release and KBs – see  ***Update2*** Read on for general Cumulative Update information – but we now have the October release and KBs – see  ***UPDATE*** Now public – see  You may already be familiar with the term Cumulative Updates for […]

New Content for Microsoft Office SharePoint Server and Hyper-V

Following on from my recent Hyper-V post regarding Project, I can now point you to some new published guidance for SharePoint 2007 and WSS 3.0! SharePoint Hyper-v/SVVP support preliminary guidance is now live,  Product Team Blog has also been posted, Expect some pointers for some excellent Project documents later this week and into […]

Project Server 2007 gets the Hyper-V Treatment

You’ve probably seen the many other posts surrounding RTM and the more recent support announcements for Microsoft server products on Hyper-V on Windows Server 2008 so I am trying not to make this a “me too” post.  But just for completeness probably Christophe’s post has the most useful set of links for Project Server IT […]

My Tasks: When to expect the unexpected error has occurred

With the latest hotfixes and the Infrastructure Update applied the majority of causes of the “unexpected error has occurred” should now be eliminated. There may still need to be some cleaning up to finally resolve the problem – and this usually means publishing the plans again that are leading to the issue.  Occasionally this may […]

Microsoft Project Infrastructure Update Webcast Slides

Just in case you hadn’t picked this up on Christophe’s blog.  There was a webcast recently covering the Project Server 2007 Infrastructure Update.  The slide deck with an overview of the Project and Project Server 2007 Infrastructure Update has been posted  on EPMConnect: A briefing on the released Project Infrastructure Update – the quality has […]

Project Server 2007: PSI Error when using QueueAddToProject

A recent support incident had some failures when trying to add extra tasks through the PSI, but only to certain projects.  The exception was thrown from Project.QueueAddToProject method and was: Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Errors.InconsistentInternalStateException: Error in the application.     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.Errors.PSError.FailIfFalseTag(ULSTagID ulsID, ULSCat catID, Boolean testCase)     at Microsoft.Office.Project.Server.BusinessLayer.CustomFields.Validate(DataTable customFieldsTable, String entityPrimaryKeyName, DataTable parentTable, Guid entityTypeUid, Guid projectUid, Boolean deleteCFValuesOnModify, […]