Warning: Non product post. Blog stats and other ramblings

Excuse me the indulgence of a non product post occasionally – but Scientific American says it is good for me and cites “even speeds healing after surgery.”  For those that are interested my recovery is going OK, and hopefully just one more surgery next month on my right arm to remove some hardware that has been holding things together.  It looks like a gate hinge on the X-Ray.  I will also find out then how the bone graft is doing in my left leg.

With some extra time on my hands I have been looking at statistics of my blog readers and have also added a map control to see where you all are.  Not too much data in yet, but 5% of my readers are within 10 miles!  That will be Redmond.  But 85% are over 1000 miles away, with over 30% over 5000.  I have readers in Mauritius, Bermuda, Trinidad and Tobago, Oahu, Kauai and Jamaica.  Not sure if I was there I’d be reading my blog – and if these were vacationers – shame on you – get out and enjoy these beautiful Islands!  If you were in Hull I could understand it (where I also have some readers). Furthest North so far is Anchorage, and furthest South is Tasmania.

Using other tools I can check the browser language settings, and in the month or so it has been running I see just over 75% English settings, German just under 4%, followed by Spanish, Portuguese and Russian going down to 2% and then another 30+ other languages.

My most “popular” pages have been the ones on installation issues, cube building, the queue and unexpected errors.  No real surprises there, but it gives me some ideas on pages to review to check the content is still valid.

It is great to see the reach that my blog is getting and I am really pleased that people appear to be getting value from it.  If I am missing anything you want to hear about then please contact me.