Getting Social with Project Server 2007 – Bookmarking

Recently V1 of the social bookmarking application for MSDN, TechNet, and Expression was released, which is designed to make it easy for Microsoft’s enormous technical community to help each other discover the best resources on any topic from across the web. For more detail on the release take a look at John Martin’s blog for an overview of the release, and Chris Slemp’s blog for more detail on bookmarking, including how-to videos.

I’ve bookmarked the Project Server 2007 pages I most reference with the tag psvr2007 – so you can see these for yourself at and even subscribe to an RSS feed of these links.  Remove the psvr2007 tag to see what else I’ve been bookmarking (the Chemistry one is fun!).  To see different users listings remove the Profile and user part of the URL and we can see other articles tagged with psvr2007.


By clicking on the "saved by x people" drop down we can see who else is bookmarking articles with the same tag, and even follow links to see what else they are bookmarking.  Taxonomy is obviously the key to success so if we can all agree on psvr2007 as a good tag then we can all join in for our mutual benefit.  Tag away!  Go to Tools page to get started and you can also work in one of 12 available languages.