Stsadm export and import – correction for moving Project workspaces.

I have updated the previous posting but for you RSS readers worth putting this in a new blog.  After import I wasn’t seeing the active issues alert on my home page showing the issues in the imported sites.  Inclusion of the –includeusersecurity flag on both the export and import ensures the user settings are maintained and then the active issues are correctly identified for users.  Therefore the full command line looks like:

stsadm -o export -url “http://brismithv0832:8080/CAL/Project1 with Workspace in PWA” -filename “Cbackupsavesite.bak” –includeusersecurity –nofilecompression

With the import just having a different port – and possibly PWA instance name.

I am still investigating the fact that I am unable to add new task links to issues after the import – and that I do not see existing links.  For sites migrated to a different port from PWA therefore avoiding export/import I do not see this issue.  It could be my server is sick – but at least one reader has experienced the same issues.  I will keep you all posted.

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