Allow Me to (re)Introduce myself!

Hello everyone!  And thank you, Brian, for making me feel so welcome here!  I’m incredibly excited to be returning to my roots at Microsoft by re-joining the MS Project support team!

For long-time Project users, there’s a remote possibility that you may remember me as I have a long history with Project support.  I started supporting Project back in 1997 when there was no such thing as Project Server and the only collaboration tools were the workgroup mail options.  Those were the days! 

I was a member of the Project support team until September of 2004 when I took a position in our Global Content Delivery group, managing the Knowledge Base for the Microsoft Great Plains products in Fargo, North Dakota.  This change of jobs allowed me to relocate “home” to North Dakota where both my family and my husband’s family are originally from.  Now, four years later, through various twists of fate, I find myself back with the Project team while getting to stay in Fargo and having the best of both worlds! 

I’m amazed at the changes MS Project has undergone in the last four years, and am truly thrilled to be a part of it again.  I’ve always found our customers to be some of Microsoft’s best!  You are so passionate and well informed about our great product, and you are always willing to share opinions and ideas for how we can become even better. 

In the coming weeks and months, I look forward to sharing technical news with you through the blog, getting to know the blog readers, and maybe even reconnecting with a few previous (I won’t say “old”!) Project acquaintances!  I’ll be back soon with my first technical posting!