Project Server 2007: TechNet Document now live for using SQL Server 2008

****Update**** – The December 2008 release of the Feature pack for SQL Server 2005 at means that loading the Management Objects Collection from this release will avoid the workaround described in the TechNet article. 

The writers have done a great job on revising the 2005 document to address 2008 – thanks Efren.  The document is here –  This includes some of the gotchas mentioned in my recent blog as well as the error messages you might see.  There is still an issue with the Management Objects needed on the application server for connecting to 2008 which will be resolved by SQL Server 2005 SP3, and the next feature pack refresh – the current workaround can be found at the foot of the TechNet article.

Another change is that the 2 methods of configuring a repository have been swapped round – so the SQL Server repository is now Method 1 – which reflects the fact that this method should really be the preferred one.  Hope this switch doesn’t confuse too many people (particularly as it was my idea).