A New Look for 2009

I would have wished you all a very merry holiday season of your choice – if I had not been without Internet Access for fair portion of the last week.  Snow decided to come and stay a while in the Pacific Northwest.  Fortunately we only lost power over one night – but my neighbors over the valley where our broadband wireless originates were not so lucky – and were out for a few days.  We also lost satellite TV signal in the heaver snow (no great loss I have to admit) and also lost the ability to drive up the hill to our house, which was more of a challenge!  With my injuries from last summer still lingering it was frustrating having to watch my wife shovel snow and not let me help. 

We had to skip Christmas lunch on the patio too.  This was Christmas Eve, and we had more snow for the following 3 days before the thaw started…


With the New Year I decided to go for a new look, and will also start the audio/video blogging shortly.  Expect the first ones to just be testing the process and making sure everything works rather than adding greatly to the sum of human knowledge. 

The picture I currently have as the header on the blog is a sunrise over Eastern ridge of the Snoqualmie Valley, taken back in November.  I’ll change it occasionally as the mood takes me.