Project Server 2007: Reading SharePoint ULS logs with Excel

Here is my first attempt at a Silverlight Streaming Screencast. My apologies for the really bad lip sync in the short Picture-in-Picture section. Either a slip by me in editing or a breakdown in the space-time continuum between my webcam and the microphone.  Probably the former.  I’ll look at some other encodings for making available as downloads – probably an H.264 large or small, and the original high quality wmv.  Any special requests?  If I get a small enough one I’ll make it an attachment – but don’t want to fill up your inboxes if you subscribe via Outlook.

***Update*** Hint – Double-click to go full screen – ESC to return to the small view. And if the video doesn’t play inline then go to

Get Microsoft Silverlight


For ease of use here are a couple of the URLs given at the end of the screencast.


Should have highlighted this one too.  Another Codeplex solution.

Project Server 2007 Log File Report Tool



Project Description
The Project Server 2007 Log File Report Tool enables the import and the reporting of log file generated by your EPM & SharePoint farm. The Log File Report Tool will import log files (in an SQL database) from all servers in your farm with the ability to filter them by date. Once the import is complete you can easily search for specific log file messages using the following filtering criteria: Area, Category, Level, Process, Server as well as date and created reports.

Enjoy!  And feedback please on formats you would like to see in the future.