Project Server 2007: Check-in Still Pending? Even after December CU?

*** Update *** Fixed in April CU –  

My colleague Aik has been looking in to scenarios where the fix released in December’s cumulative update doesn’t appear to have resolved things and we have a series of steps you can try to see if this alleviates the problem for you.  Based on previous postings on this topic I am sure I will soon hear what works and what does not!  Keep the comments coming please!

Here are Aik’s steps:

a) Since the fix is on the client, check to make sure that Project Professional is patched to at least 6335.5000. You can find this in the Help | About section in Project.


b) If a file shows up as being in a checkin pending state, and you’ve verified that the project plan is no longer checked out  on the server, there are 2 things you can try to sync the cache status:

  1. Try toggling Project Professional to an Offline state and then back Online. This will help re-sync the local cache status with the project status on the server. E.g. Right click on the bottom status bar  where it says Connected in Project and select Work Offline and do the same again and select Connect to Server. Note there is a built in delay of 15 seconds – so wait for about 15-20 seconds and then try the file open operation and see if the status reflects the correct state.Offline

  2. Close and relaunch project – Note there is a built in delay of 30 seconds – so wait for about 30 seconds and then try the file open operation and see if the project status reflects the correct state. E.g. is it still showing up as checkin pending?

Thanks for this Aik – readers, please let us know what works and what doesn’t.

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