Non-Project blog – Songsmith stuff and Future Pro Photo Competition

A couple of interesting things came across my radar today that may be of interest to others.  If you have.know of any school/college age children interested in either music or photography – read on.

Firstly from Sumit Basu:

There’s a music remixing contest in the UK called Mixable ( ), where an up-and-coming band is chosen to put up creative-commons-licensed tracks that UK school kids (grades 6 -> first year of college) can remix/reinterpret as they see fit.  This year’s band, Georgia Wonder, had seen some of the remixes of classic songs folks were doing with Songsmith, and had fun playing around with it themselves on their own song; they then contacted us for some help in putting their vocal track into Songsmith (i.e., without doing a loopback recording).   They now have a Songsmith project file on their site (along with standard file types, i.e., WAV and AIFF), with which folks can get a quick start and play around with different chords/styles easily.  They felt that this would particularly appeal to the younger end of their audience (i.e., 6th graders) who might not be as well versed in pro audio tools, harmonization, etc.    The files (in all formats) are available at their downloads page here:

and from Jeff Green:

Once again, I am quite pleased to announce the 4th annual Microsoft Future Pro Photographer Competition

This is the most lucrative and influential international student photo contest in the world. The Grand prize is $20,000 and some great photo gear, but more importantly, it provides all four winners the opportunity to kick-start their careers.

Full time college and university students from around the world are invited to submit their three best photos in one of three categories;

  • Nature & Landscape,
  • People & Portraits, and
  • Sports & Photojournalism.

Not sure if Jeff is English – but “quite pleased” sounds very under-stated :).

I know a few of you are also keen photographers – so when I get my new camera you may see my heading photo change…