Project Server 2007 – Great new and updated content on TechNet.

Loads of new and updated content on TechNet from Efren and Robert.  Video demos, walthroughs and updated and new articles!  Enjoy!

Video demo: Using SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services with the Project Server 2007 Cube Building Service

This two-part video demonstration walks through the steps necessary to configure the Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 cube building services for use with SQL Server Analysis Services 2005.

Walkthrough: Deploy Project Server 2007 to a server farm environment

This article contains a white paper and a four-part video series which provide a walkthrough of a typical Microsoft Office Project Server 2007 deployment. The white paper contains step-by-step instructions for each step necessary to successfully deploy Office Project Server 2007. The video series mirrors the steps described in the white paper.

The Challenges of Selecting Enterprise Software

This is the latest article by Chris Vandersluis in the “From the Trenches” column on the Project Server 2007 TechCenter.

Virtualizing Project Server 2007

This chapter includes six topics that explain hyper-v architecture and best practices for planning, installing, and configuring a Project Server 2007 deployment on Hyper-V.

Deploy Project Server 2007 Updates

This article provides a general overview of the types of updates that are available to for Project Server 2007.   It describes important things to know about each update types, as well as links to separate articles on each update type.

Deploy cumulative updates (Project Server 2007) (updated)

This article has been updated to provide more information about cumulative update server packages for Project Server 2007 farms deployed with Office SharePoint Server 2007.  It has also been updated to describe client cumulative update dependencies required for cumulative updates including the Project Server infrastructure update.

Checklist for deploying Project Server 2007 updates

This checklist provides a list of general steps required to update a Project Server 2007 farm deployment.

Manage Active Directory synchronization in Project Server 2007 (Updated)

This article has been updated with information about how synchronization deadlocks occur and how to go about removing a deadlock if it occurs. *** Update – Link corrected ***

Office Project Server 2007 Performance Counters

This technical reference article provides a list of performance indications you can monitor in Project Server 2007.

Inventory of SQL Server databases for a typical Project Server 2007 deployment

This technical reference article provides a list of databases that are created in a Project Server 2007 and Portfolio Server 2007 deployment.

Requirements for using SQL Server 2008 Analysis Services with the Project Server 2007 Cube Building Service (Updated)

This article has been updated to refer to the Feature Pack for SQL Server 2005 – December 2008. The Analysis Management Objects installed with the SQL Server 2005 Management Objects that were in earlier versions of the SQL Server 2005 Feature pack required a workaround in order for the Cube Building Service to function correctly.

Project Server 2007 Webcasts

This set of articles describes and links to archived Project Server TechNet Webcasts. Topics include server administration, network communication, workload scenarios and reference architecture, and data flow.

Prepare for migration to Project Server 2007 (updated)

This article has been updated to describe the best practice of applying the latest update to the Project Professional 2007 client from which you run the migration tool to ensure that it has the latest updates.