Project Server 2007: Actual work in My Tasks changes after adding non-work time in My Timesheet

*** Update 3/19/2010 *** Thanks for the reminder TAE.  We actually resolved this with a fix rather than accepting it was ‘by design.  It is in the latest CU (Feb 2010) but I think came out last year in Oct or Dec CU originally ***

This is an issue you may come across depending on your specific workflow for time reporting and statusing.  The scenario is that you enter time for a project task through My Tasks and save, and then in My Timesheet you add some time to a non-work category of Administrative time such as Sick – or any non-work item – for the same day.  The issue shows up instantly if the category does not need approval and results in a change to the actual work value entered.  There will be a KB article coming shortly and I’ll update this posting once it is available.

The reason this happens is that the non-working time entered in the timesheet is entered into the resources calendar as a calendar exception – making them unavailable for work for a period of the day, resulting in a change in the entered actual work for the same day.  If the admin time is entered first, or the timesheet data is imported into my tasks then this behavior can be avoided.  The problem is that the data goes in just for the day and not in a specific time-span, meaning you may get an overlap of your time entered and your non-working time – even if the total is still within the number of hours you normally work.  You can also see this in Project Professional if you add a calendar exception where there is already actual work entered, but in Pro it is a little more obvious what is going on and easier to correct.

Sorry if this unusual behavior causes you some issues – but hopefully the workarounds and understanding of why it does what it does will make things easier for you.

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