Project Server 2007: April Cumulative Update

*** 2nd Update *** The Office Server download is now live KB968851 – just the article to come… 

*** Update *** The top three updates are now live.  The Office Servers still is not live, but you can get the MOSS update – KB 968859 – so the document is at and the download at The WSS KB I refer to is the global one – Christophe references the non-global KB 968857 – in case you wonder why you see differences. 

The April Cumulative Updates (CUs) for Project and Project Server are now available, but there has been a slight delay with the overall Office Server one – which will include all the Office Server components including Project Server.  So if you just have Project Server and no MOSS you can go ahead and download and install now.  If you have MOSS you may prefer to wait a few days and do all your Office Server updates in one go.

Also the KB articles for Project Server, Office Server and WSS are not yet live.  So the table has hyperlinks that work – and text URLs where they are not yet active, but will be coming shortly.  I will update when I see they are live.

So here are the links:

Title KB Number KB URL Download URL
Project 2007 hotfix package April 30, 2009 969409
Project Server hotfix package April 30, 2009 968860
WSS hotfix package April 30, 2009 968850
Office Server hotfix package 968851