Project Server April CU Links – Clarification

*** Update *** The top three updates of my earlier posting are now live.  The Office Servers still is not live, but you can get the MOSS update – KB 968859 – so the document is at and the download at The WSS KB I refer to is the global one – Christophe references the non-global KB 968857 – in case you wonder why you see differences.  

Christophe pointed out to me that for readers of my blog via RSS all of the URLs in my recent Project Server 2007 April Cumulative Update posting appear as hyperlinks, thus defeating my aim of showing which are live and which are not.

As of now (Saturday 2nd May 2009) only the Project Client KB article, and the Project Client, Project Server and WSS downloads are active.  From the table in my blog this is the top KB link, and the top three download links.

Sorry for any confusion. I’ll update the original posting when the other links are live, and also updater any of the links if the live versions are not as posted.

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