End of week catch-up in ProjectLand – Active Cache Webcast, Gartner Magic Quadrant – and Solid State Disks

I haven’t posted for a little while – it has been really busy here – but fortunately for you the sort of busy that doesn’t need blogging about!  Do you really hate it when people say in their blogs “I’m working on some really cool stuff but I can’t blog about it”?  So do I – so I’m not going to say that…

Just in case any of these recent postings passed you by:

Jan did an excellent webcast on the internal workings of the Active Cache in Project Professional and the way it links to server – with some great demonstrations using Fiddler to see what traffic was going on.  Catch the recording on demand here.  If you didn’t attend you will need to register, then you will be given the option to watch online or download the recording.  I prefer downloading the wmv version as then you can use Windows Media Player and use the option to watch at a faster speed.  Doesn’t always work well if the presenter speaks quickly – but a great time saver as you can watch a one hour presentation in 40 minutes!  Another tip – if you download the high fidelity Live Meeting version the demonstrations are in the resAppSharing folder as individual wmv files.

Great Gartner Magic Quadrant placement for both Microsoft Dynamics AX and Project Server/Portfolio Server.  Links go to Christophe’s summary.

And finally under the “boys and their toys” section, Christophe did an excellent review of running demonstration Hyper-V images on a Solid State Disk.  I want one!

Almost forgot – I didn’t do a Bing posting when it launched but I do use it and am very impressed. Worth setting as your home page just for the daily photos!  And I’m already seeing more traffic to my site from Bing than I used to get from Live so others are finding it useful too.  Just need to get Bing to put me a bit higher than all those other Brian Smith’s…