Project Server 2007: Why do my removed tasks keep coming back to my Timesheet?

We have had a few reports back since we released SP2 of another behavior change that is catching people out. We have a KB article coming along to describe this behavior change – and I’ll update with the KB when it arrives.

First this is what we did.  In Timesheets we had heard frustration from customer that even though they had set timesheets to auto-populate with tasks from My Tasks, that this only happened when you created the timesheet.  If you added new tasks or were assigned to new tasks once the timesheet was created then you needed to manually add this.  So we listened, and in SP2 changed the behavior so that these new tasks would automatically be there when you opened the timesheet again.  Of course this is only if you have the setting to automatically add new tasks, such as Current Task assignments or current projects selected.


And the problem some customers are reporting?  If you have the setting that introduces this new behavior then even if you remove a task line from your timesheet (Actions, Delete Line) – it comes back next time you open it.

If you are finding the need to delete lines then perhaps the better option for you is No prepopulation, and then just add the ones you need (and keep an eye out for e-mail notifications of new assignments once the timesheet is created).  If neither of these options seems to fit you well then I am sure you will let us know what we are missing.

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