Project 2010 and a 10,000 ft view


I know, that was mean.  And probably a little over 10,000 ft, as Rainier itself is 14,410ft.  Keshav has posted some early information about Project 2010, but to hear more you will need to wait for the Project Conference in September – and it is certainly worth waiting for! 

The other Office client applications are making some earlier disclosures and there is already some cool stuff on the blogs about the other Office applications – and my favorite so far is the Excel 2010 Sparklines posting from Sam Radakovitz.  The Excel blog is also a good starting point for other 2010 content – just go to their links section on the lower right.

A sampling:

  • Microsoft Office 2010 Engineering
  • Office Web Applications
  • Official Microsoft Office 2010 site
  • Backstage with Office 2010
  • I knew Mt Rainier was about 14k ft, but I turned to Bing for the answer (and Mt Rainer looked nearly this good from ground level this morning on my drive to work).  The picture above was taken just after take-off from SeaTac on my recent vacation – which is also the reason I haven’t been too quick replying to recent comment posts to the blog…  I’ll try and do some catching up next week.