Microsoft Project 2010 – My favorite feature

This morning in Phoenix Chris Capossela unveiled Microsoft Project 2010.  I’ve been working on the support of this next release for nearly a year now, and it has been difficult no being able to talk about it – but now I can!  To get the details from the brand new Project site on go to

But now I can talk about it I just don’t know where to start – there is so much good stuff. The one feature I really like is the ability to have Enterprise Project Types (EPT) – which can be thought of as a template that defines not only the project plan (from a template) but also the workflow for project initiation, the department (another new for 2010 feature) that can see and use the EPT, and last and definitely not least – you can specify the template for the SharePoint workspace that gets created for the project.  And this customized workspace can use all the rich features of SharePoint and contain content too.  This new feature is really huge!

I know there will be plenty of information coming out from the Project product team blog, as well as the Programmability blog, and of course Christophe’s blog (he has started already!) and Doug’s “McBlog” – which has some cool video content from the conference and interviews with various members of the product group.

More to come soon (ribbon, task sync to WSS, backstage, user controlled schedules, inactive tasks, timeline, team planner, delegation, departments, Exchange integration…) – but I’ll try and give the support angle on the postings I do so as not to repeat the feature overviews you might see elsewhere.  And of course this is still a way off (1st half of 2010 for the release) so I’ll still keep the 2007 postings coming too.

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