Project Conference 2009: SA200 – Project 2007 Common Questions and Answers

At the conference in Phoenix I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with Adrian, Rohan and Soroush to present some of the questions we regularly get in support (and of course the answers!) as well as take questions from the floor.  As usual with Adrian’s sessions it was standing room only.  One topic raised was identifying the version of Project Server 2007 – and then knowing what this version means.  This information is around the blogs, but we really needed to get this in one place.  Thanks David Hans and other for the feedback on this one.  As I write LaDonna is working on a KB to document server and client version numbers and the release they relate to – and this should go live in the next day or so. It will be is KB 2002211 I’ll add a hyperlink once I see it live.

The other big topic was “check-in pending” and many people still appear to be suffering issues.  With a clean cache and latest updates we thought we’d fixed this.  If you still have an issue and good repro steps we would love to know more.  Accessing projects by both PWA and Pro, and also use of terminal services/Citrix appeared to be implicated in some customer scenarios – but good repro steps would enable us to dig deeper.

Thanks again to the great audience at the conference for all the tremendous feedback.  The Microsoft Project community is really a great one!

****  P.S. The final part of the August CU has now been released (the SharePoint server patch) and this can be found at – with the full list for the Office 2007 August 2009 CU available at

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