Bing Search now working on my Microsoft Project Support blog site!

The TechNet and MSDN blogs had an overhaul recently and the search box that has long frustrated me when looking on even my blog has finally been fixed.  It now uses the Bing engine and really does find stuff on my blog. (which Bing and other major search engines had been finding anyway.

One thing that others have had feedback on since this change was that for some searches you will see some Sponsored Sites returned along with your results.  I will be keeping an eye on these, and we are also reviewing the general idea of having ads on these blog searches.  If you have any concerns then please let me know.  Potentially these links can add value – and perhaps many of my readers work for partners that would love to be presented as a link to customers that are looking for help on Project Server.  We just need to be sure these are relevant and not intrusive.

Some more platform upgrades coming to my blog and there will be some downtime on the MSDN and TechNet blog platform this weekend (from around 3pm 10/9 PST) – so if you are thinking of having Project Server problems over the weekend you’d better get your offline RSS feed from my blog ready!