Project Server 2003: How to run the Views Maintenance tool as a Service

Thanks to my colleague Marc Biarnes from our EMEA team in France for this posting.  I don’t often do 2003 postings, but this is something that comes up with our support team quite frequently.  Over to Marc:

First, I used 2 tools provided  in the Windows 2003 Resource Kit and available on the Microsoft website :

Then, when the Resource Kit is installed, I followed these steps :

1. Start a MS-DOS command prompt

2. Execute the following command line : C:ResKitinstsrv.exe “ViewsMaintenance” C:ReskitToolssrvany.exe

3. Open Regedit.exe (Start, Run, regedit.exe)

4. Select the following entry : HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESYSTEMCurrentControlSetServicesViewsMaintenance

5. From the Edit Menu, click Add Key and name it Parameters

6. From the Edit menu, click on Add Value and type this information:
Value Name : Application
Data Type : REG_SZ
String : <path>ViewsMaintenance.exe

7. In the Service console, you can start the service

By default, the service will start automatically.

To remove it, you can use the following MS-DOS command prompt : C:ResKitinstsrv.exe “ViewsMaintenance” REMOVE

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