Project Server, PowerShell and the 2010 Scripting Games

Within the blogging community at Microsoft we get plenty of “opportunities” (aka requests) for cross product announcements.  Occasionally they catch my eye and today was one of those days.  You may have noticed a new badge in my left NAV area (unless you are reading the RSS feed… so click the link) announcing the 2010 Scripting Games.  PowerShell is going to be so useful for SharePoint and Project Server 2010 – for deployment, management as well as monitoring and troubleshooting, so if you want to improve your scripting skills, or learn as you go – try the Scripting Games.

For other Project PowerShell resources see the TechNet article at, the MSDN Code Gallery cmdlets samples from Mike Shughrue at and of course, the Scripting Guys’ blog for the broader topics and find things you can do with PowerShell that you never thought you needed to do!


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