Project Server 2010: Things to note, and avoid, as you start the 2010 journey…

Unless you have been living in a cave you will have heard that next month sees the virtual launch of Office 2010.  Details of the virtual launch and other availability stuff at but I thought I’d take a few minutes to prepare the scene.  I know you will all read the wealth of documentation […]

Feedback please on your reporting experiences with Microsoft Project

Heather is looking for feedback!  See the blog at for more details, but we’d really like to hear what works for you, what doesn’t and what tools you are using.  As mentioned in Heather’s blog, please send feedback to (and not to me). Are you using Visual Reports?  SQL Server Reporting Services?  SQL […]

Project Server 2010: Ship happens!

Excellent news today as we release Project 2010 to manufacturing, along with the rest of Office and SharePoint.  Details of launch events and availability for our volume licensing customers can be found on Christophe’s blog – and I’d also like to point out another recent Christophe blog that details the current content availability (including […]

Project Server 2010: Exchange Sync Permissions (Demo, Test issue)

Gary and Steve from msProjectExperts found an interesting issue that could bite you if you have Project Server users who are also domain admins – which I do hope doesn’t happen in the real world, but just on our test and demo machines.  See their blog post at  Basically Windows tries to save you […]