Project Server 2007 Doesn’t like IIS Dynamic Content Compression!

I’ve lived for so long in the new world of Project Server 2010 that some of the “known issues” with Project Server 2007 have just passed me by.  Most of my work these days is on HyperV images, and the majority of these are Windows Server 2008 R2.  I am working on an issue with 2007 to 2010 upgrade currently and had some problems in my “clean” 2007 environment.  Obviously I first suspected the customers data, then saw the same problem with my fresh installs and thought my server was bad.  Vague recollections then of IIS dynamic content compression being on by default in R2, and my colleagues Jon and Mark confirmed this causes issues in the two places I had seen.

So, if you too have been living in a cave this may be new to you, but I’m sure this has done the rounds already.  You can turn off dynamic compression in IIS Manager and all will be well – once you IISRESET.

The two places I saw errors were:

  • Opening custom fields for editing

The custom field could not be saved due to the following reason(s):

An unknown error has occured (and occurred is miss-spelled in the error message)

  • Opening users for editing

An error was encountered in loading the page.  Refresh the page, or contact your server administrator if this problem persists.

The good news is that dynamic content compression causes no problems in Project Server 2010 (as far as I have seen!) or I might have not seen this old issue.

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