Project Server 2010: My PWA site thinks it is a Workspace (Site) Revisited

I posted a couple of weeks back about this scenario , which can be resolved with PowerShell in 2010, or through the UI in 2007 – but it appears there may also be a scenario where the UI does not show the PWA site associated with a project, yet still the rogue properties are […]

Blog Platform Upgrade 16th to 24th May 2010

From this Sunday, 16th May, the TechNet and MSDN blogging platform that this and many of your other favourites are  on is getting an upgrade.  The main impact on readers is not being able to leave comments. The e-mail contact should still work – but as always, I don’t always keep right up to date […]

Project Server 2010: Demo Virtual Machines

A couple of useful references from the other Project blogs: details the SharePoint Server 2010 and the upcoming (soon – if you are reading this on the day of posting) Project Server 2010 installation pack.  Go get the SharePoint main image today – and then Project can just be added as a small download.  […]